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Meticulous African Braiding

Prepare and plan for the long, but truly satisfying, hairstyling session we offer at Blessing African Hair Braiding in Shawnee, Kansas. Our highly skilled stylists meticulously create braids designed to give you that exotic African look.

Longer-Lasting Braids

To allow our customers to have longer-lasting braids, we give them post-braiding session tips about how to maintain their newly braided locks. We apply after-finish products to give braids that luster and shine, and also recommend braid maintenance products they can use.

Luxurious Comfort

To allow customers to relax during longish braiding sessions, our well-appointed shop has comfortable beauty salon chairs. We ensure luxurious comfort and do braids for women and men of all ages. Come to our shop for the Chicago glamor we now bring to Kansas.

Braided Hair - Braiding Salon
Contact us in Shawnee, Kansas, to learn more about our exotic African braiding styles.